Track Review: “Save Her Something Special” by Skaters

Photo Credit: Mike Krim / Supra

I love learning about bands from other bands. My love for Interpol came from a recommendation from The Darcys, The Strokes have been spoken about by countless bands including Arctic Monkeys and Vampire Weekend, and Julian Casablancas is a huge fan of The Growlers. I discovered Skaters through Drowners, because both bands are part of a DIY sort of music scene in New York. Their debut album, Manhattan, was released last year, and I listened to it non-stop for a couple months. It was also the soundtrack to my trip to New York City this past week, and I’ve fallen in love with it all over again. Today they dropped a new single called “Save Her Something Special,” and I’m already obsessed with it. The song came as quite a surprise, but it’s a very welcome one.

“Save Her Something Special” feels a lot different from Skaters’ previous songs. Manhattan was clean and stream-lined. There’s some fuzz that’s familiar in garage-rock, but it’s polished and smooth rock n’ roll. Most of the tracks are easy to dance to and you can sing along to everything. There are snippets of conversations woven into the melodies and it all helps to capture the feeling of life in New York City. It’s a new version of the records that have come from The Ramones and The Strokes and The Velvet Underground.

Their newest song is heavy and hazy. The drums are prominent and lead singer Michael Ian Cummings’ vocals seem somewhat out of focus. It’s fuzzy and full of echoes and it drills straight into you. The verses are hard-hitting and the chorus comes in a melodic wave, breaking up the song into hills and valleys of rough and smooth. I like how different it is, and you can tell that being dropped from their former record label has liberated them and allowed them to create exactly what they want to make and to mess around with their sound. There’s more space for them. The song feels free and expansive.

Skaters have been working on a second record for quite a while now, but “Save Her Something Special” was released somewhat unexpectedly. As I mentioned, I’m a huge fan of the new direction they’ve taken and I can’t wait to hear what else comes out of their current creative groove. Album announcements will hopefully be coming soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, the band has an online shop up on depop, and they’re selling merch to help fund the creation of the follow-up album. All the t-shirts, tote bags, and hats are really cool, and they also have zines and signed one-of-a-kind posters up for sale. If you can support them in any way, please do so. Buying music and merchandise and going to shows is instrumental in supporting your favourite bands and making sure that they can still make the music you love so dearly.

Listen to “Save Her Something Special” here.


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