Top Track: “Pen To Paper” by Modern Space

Sometimes I get lazy when it comes to music. I get stuck listening to the same records over and over again because I know I love them and they make me happy so I just stick to what I know. For the past few months the soundtrack to my life has just been a constant loop of The Vaccines and Florence + the Machine and Wolf Alice and Broken Social Scene and more Taylor Swift than I’d like to admit. This past week I decided I needed to branch out and get started on the long list of new albums and artists that I wanted to listen to. I got through Depression Cherry by Beach House and Momentary Masters by Albert Hammond Jr. and Ruff by Born Ruffians and so. Much. More. At this point, Spotify is my best friend and probably my soul mate.

Usually this laziness works out well for me. When you’re searching desperately for new music to fall in love with it gets somewhat easier to connect with what you’re listening to. It’s happened with Interpol and The Growlers and countless other artists, and now it’s happened with Modern Space. I think we all know where I’m going with this. You’re all surely on the edge of your seats, dying to know how much I like this new band. The answer is I’m obsessed with them. They currently have one single out, and I’ve had it on repeat for the past two days. Who needs more than one song, right?

I met Modern Space kind of accidentally about a month ago. They opened for The Vaccines on that wonderful day when I became a cheesy cliché and followed my heart and met my favourite band even though I couldn’t go to their show – which you can read all about here. Modern Space is super nice and we spent some time talking about how phenomenal The Vaccines are and where to buy records and music in general. I immediately followed them on Instagram and made a mental note to listen to them, but I didn’t actually get around to that until now. And I will admit that I’m a little mad at myself for waiting this long, because they’re incredible.

“Pen To Paper” is the band’s first (and only) single. And it’s so, so great. For real. It’s catchy and it hits you as soon as it starts. It’s infectious, really. Sometimes I have late-night solo jam sessions in the pitch black darkness of my dorm room, and honestly, this is the perfect track for that. In an instant, it makes you want to get up and dance with everything you’ve got. And if you can’t, at the very least you want to move your feet and imagine you’re in the opening credits of Footloose.

Now for the real shock – I bought this track on iTunes. I made the conscious, whole-hearted decision to pay money for this song. And there are zero regrets associated with that choice. I’ve already got my money’s worth, simply based on the fact that I’ve listened to it at least seventy-five times in the past two days. I cannot remember the last time I loved a song so much and so instantaneously. It just makes me feel good, and I think that’s one of the best things you can possibly get out of a track. I also just feel a huge responsibility to support all the incredible Toronto-based bands, simply because they contribute so much to the vibrancy and creativity of this city.

Essentially, I think you should all listen to this song as soon as you possibly can. I’ve made my sister listen to it and she liked it, and I texted Katelyn in all-caps about how good it is and she agreed with me. And you can all be part of this exclusive club. I’ll even link you to the music video to make it that much easier. You can thank me later. You’ll love it, I promise.


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