A Reintroduction.


Sup people? I hope you’re all doing well and are enjoying your lives like you should be. I’ll admit it’s been a while since my last post on this blog or on any of its related social media accounts. Sometimes life happens and things get busy and weird and you just need time to figure things out. I started feeling like I wanted a blank canvas for everything – my room, my wardrobe, myself, and this blog. So here we are. We’re back with a new name, a new layout, and a promise to myself – and to you – to really dedicate every inch of my being to keeping this blog updated and making it all that it can be.

To start, I figure I should explain the name. I’ve spent the past few weeks trying desperately to come up with a new blog name, something I was whole-heartedly happy with. A couple nights ago I was reading an anthology of Patti Smith’s works and I had an epiphany, the kind that makes you stop what you’re doing and write everything down multiple times so that there’s no chance of forgetting it. If you know me in real life or have read any of my posts, it’s likely that you already know that Patti Smith is a bright, shining source of inspiration for me. She’s the reason I write as often as I do and also the reason I have a lightning bolt inked permanently into my knee. The first time I ever listened to her record Easter, I was taken aback by the track “Babelogue,” all one minute and thirty-two seconds of it.  And so Babbleogue came to be. I’m someone who babbles, I speak incessantly about the things I love, I write about everything and nothing, regardless of how interesting or uninteresting it is. And Babbleogue just seems fitting.

Here’s another thing. Patti Smith is powerful as hell. She moves people, and she has for years – I’m a prime example of that. And I want my writing to be like that. I want it to pour out of me like electricity running lightning-fast from deep within me and through my fingertips and onto a computer screen. I want to evoke emotion, for people to really notice how much passion goes into writing about the things I love and am inspired by. If I possess even one single percent of the power that Patti Smith has, and if I can bring that all to the surface, then I’ll be happy. Let’s hope I can make that happen.

So, welcome. Here’s to a fresh start. Here’s to dedication and hard work and determination. Here’s to being passionate, to never being neutral, to always, always loving. This is a place where I’m going to share everything I think is worth sharing. I’m going to talk about everything I love. And I hope you’ll all respond and tell me about the things you love, too. Thanks for being on this journey with me.



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