Have Love Will Travel: A Playlist

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I really wish I was a playlist-maker extraordinaire. I love making mix CDs and collections of songs on Spotify, but a lot of that is just guesswork and throwing together songs that I think sound okay one lined up after another. I wish I could make it an art form, have perfect track listings and catchy titles and songs that evoke the perfect emotions. Regardless, I still make an attempt every once in a while. And, if anything deserves a new playlist, it’s travel.

As you’re reading this, I’m about to embark on a trip that I’ve dreamed of for a decade. I’m heading to Edinburgh and then London, spending ten days immersing myself in culture and soaking up everything I possibly can. It’s likely that my family will have to drag me out of the Airbnb on the day of our departure and things may get a little teary as we’re flying into the city. I’m excited beyond belief, and I needed a perfect soundtrack for the milestone.

Airplane takeoffs and riding trains through the countryside and the first steps in cities you’ve never set foot in but have dreamed of for half your life are magical moments, and magical moments deserve music. Even when I’m not physically listening to music, I’m often mentally adding melodies to life’s simple moments or dreaming of what the theme song of my existence would be. Music just makes things more exciting.

This playlist is full of songs that go perfectly with the way your heart skips a beat as the plane lands and the soaring feeling of looking out the tiny rounded window and taking in expansive landscapes as far as the eye can see. It’s for cobblestone streets and landmarks you’ve only ever seen in photos. It’s for adventure and exploration. It’s for fulfilling dreams and for sunsets and sunrises and pages and pages of a notebook filled with things you never want to forget. These are songs that make me feel limitless and invincible and just really, really good.

To be clear, these aren’t songs that are necessarily about travel. One of them is legitimately about someone coming home from jail. One is about a plane and a couple are about places, but mostly they just give me good travel vibes. Regardless, they’re all great songs, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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