All-Time Favourites: The Best of Blondie

All-Time Favourites: The Best of Blondie
Photo Credit: Chris Stein

I live and breathe seventies New York. I’ve read a dozen memoirs and biographies from that era, I watch Vinyl on HBO hoping every week that there’ll be a scene set at CBGB or that a Patti Smith-esque character will appear, I listen to the music and I read the poems and prose and I look at the art and the photos. I just got a dumb haircut with bangs and lots of layers that’s reminiscent of that era and that I adore. I try really hard to look like I could walk along The Bowery in 1973 and not be out of place. At this point it all just feels like it’s in my blood or my DNA.  Although likely classed as an obsession, my fixation on the seventies has turned into something that defines me at least a little, and that’s not something I’m complaining about. In fact, I rather enjoy it.

Blondie is a band straight out of the years that I love the most, out of a club that I wish I could have set foot in and out of a scene that continues to bleed its influence into today’s music, even forty years past its prime. My very first memory of Blondie involves hearing “The Tide is High” on the soundtrack for The Lizzie McGuire Movie, which I watched about a hundred times – as any self-respecting Hilary Duff fan would – and the band has been with me ever since. Although that Disney-Channel-Original-Movie-loving part of me hasn’t necessarily remained, the Blondie-loving part definitely has. And it’s thriving. I could sing their praises, and I’m going to do exactly that. Right here, right now.

I love Blondie for about a thousand and one reasons. First of all, (and most importantly), Debbie Harry is a badass mega-babe with the coolest clothes and the best attitude and the most captivating vocals ever. I’m pretty sure at least half of my brain space is taken up by trying to figure out how to be more like her. She’s effortless, she acts as if she doesn’t care, and she’s pretty much the embodiment of female power. I love everything she exudes and all that she stands for, and I think her influence probably makes me a little cooler than I would be without it.

Aside from the fact that the front woman is all-around incredible, Blondie just churned out the catchiest music probably ever known to man. I dare you to tell me you’ve never had a dance party to “Heart of Glass.” It’s just too good not to, as soon as it comes on my body just starts moving involuntarily and I sing along without even realizing it. I also just really enjoy how overly dramatic I can be while listening to it, because let’s be real, I’ll take any chance I can get to make ridiculous facial expressions and pretend my life is the worst ever.

In all honesty, all of Blondie’s songs are so insanely good I could yell. “Hanging on the Telephone” is top notch, “Atomic” makes me feel like I should dress like Sandy from Grease and walk around a lit-up city at night, and “Dreaming” just fills me with joy. And that’s not even the half of it. I love “11:59,” I love “Will Anything Happen,” I love “Eat to the Beat.” I honestly might as well list every single one of their songs here just because I adore all of them, but I won’t.

In an attempt to spread the Blondie love and also just so I have an excuse to have a Blondie-only playlist on my Spotify, I have conveniently put all my favourite songs by the band into a handy little list for all of you. You can put it on and dance around and forget about all your worries and struggles or whatever. Pretend it’s not a guilty pleasure. Just enjoy it. Love it. Remind yourself how freaking good this band is. You can’t regret something that’s sure to make you feel wonderful.


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