Bands You Need to Know Now: Fears Chella

Bands You Need to Know Now: Fears ChellaThere is a certain emotion that comes along with discovering a brand-new band or musician that instantly grabs your attention and makes you fall in love with them about three seconds into the first song you listen to. Something beyond pure excitement, something dreamy that makes you feel as if you’re on another plane of existence. You can’t argue with bands – or anything else, for that matter –  that make you feel like that, you just go with it and keep listening and waiting for an album and a tour and everything else that you hope for when you absolutely adore a band.

Here’s the thing: finding an artist that makes you feel the aforementioned feeling can be a difficult task. Who knows where to start when looking for new music to listen to, who knows how many crap songs you’ll have to go through before you find an incredible one, and who knows how to find the bands that are hidden gems and that always feel somehow out of reach. Because I genuinely enjoy this process, or at least the reward in the end when you do finally find the diamond in the rough, I’ve decided I should share my findings with all of you. I’m just that nice and that emotionally invested in new music. First up: Fears Chella.

Fears Chella is a four-piece band that hails from Manchester, England and consists of vocalist Andy Gannon, bassist Tom O’Neill, guitarist Dylan Mellor, and drummer Ben Tansey. I connected with them through Instagram, and I was immediately intrigued by the band – partly because I love an awful lot of music that comes out of the UK, and partly because their aesthetic looked and felt like something right up my alley. It was a no-brainer, really.

The group has a distinct sound with a definite nineties garage-rock feel, but there are some pop elements in there that make it feel a lot less angst-ridden and a lot more fun. Their debut single ‘Cool’ is effortless and interesting, the kind of track you can’t help but nod along to. In terms of the lyrics, lead singer Andy Gannon says “it’s about growing up, people changing, and all the things that go along with it…[it’s] all very first person.” That storyline definitely comes across in the song, and you don’t have to try very hard to relate it to your own life experiences.

Fears Chella is a band that seems to be influenced by anything and everything, although a lot of the inspiration behind their tracks comes from “the amalgamation of years worth of just obsessively loving music,” says Gannon. “I’ve always got a new band I dig and new songs I love so there’s never really one thing I can pin point as influences of anything.” The band also has a cool do-it-yourself attitude which I really like. Gannon is a producer, so Fears Chella produced their record themselves, enabling the group to go with what felt right, trust their instincts, and never stop to over-analyze anything.

This band excites me. I dig their vibe, I love their sound, and in the days I’ve spent listening to ‘Cool’ on repeat, I’ve had more than one dance party and I’m definitely on the way to knowing all the lyrics by heart. Their look and overall aesthetic is on point without being try-hard, and they wouldn’t be out of place at a major festival. Considering the fact that their previous projects have allowed them to share the stage with the likes of Wolf Alice, Jaws, and Stereophonics, that doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Although they’ve only released one song so far, Fears Chella are really doing well for themselves. ‘Cool’ has already been named ‘Record of the Week’ by BBC Introducing and has been streamed thousands of times online. And, if you listen to it and love it (as I’m sure you will), you’re in luck – the band has been holed up in their own ‘Chella Studios’ writing and recording new material. Exciting things are definitely in store, so watch this space and make sure to follow them on social media to keep up with their antics and endeavors.


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