Weekly Playlist: 11 Empowering Songs to Make You Feel Great

Weekly Playlist: 11 Empowering Songs to Make You Feel Great

Something I don’t think gets enough credit: songs that make you feel powerful. The type of song that makes you feel strong and empowered, important and ready for anything. Those tracks are the best. They lift your spirits, they often make you want to dance and let go of everything, and they hold the power to make you feel renewed and incredible in only three or four minutes. Their combinations of notes and words and chords somehow work together and bring a fierceness to your soul and a sense of triumph to your being. They make your heart feel new again. They are little sonic pieces of magic.

All too often we turn to sad, depressing, melancholic tracks when things go wrong. Break up with your significant other? Let’s listen to a playlist full of songs that will make you long for them once again. Lose a best friend? How about some meaningful tracks that make you wish they were still by your side.  I won’t lie – sometimes you need that. Sometimes you just need to cry and wallow and lie in your bed for three days straight with the comfort of all of those tracks wrapped around you. And other times you don’t.

Other times you need songs that will pick you up again, will make you remember the strength that you have within yourself, and will remind you that life goes the heck on. Music is a powerful thing, and I truly believe that it can influence your mood and your emotions in a thousand different ways. So instead of falling into the trap of wistful melodies that allow your heart to remain broken, pick some tracks that will instead piece you back together again, slowly but surely. See what it they do for you, and let them work their magic.

This playlist has really been a long time coming. I tend to compile mental lists of things, and this is one I feel like I’ve been adding to for ages. Every time something goes wrong, every time something feels heavy or negative, I add another one (or two, or a few) to the list. And this is what I’ve come up with. There’s a wide range of songs here – some that deal with change, some that deal with moving on to better things, some that are just reminders that everything gets better eventually. Some are upbeat and hold nothing back, and others are soft and pensive. I adore them all, and they’ve all helped me at one time or another. I hope they do as much for you as they’ve done for me. And if you have any great-feeling, empowering tracks, please let me know – there is always room to add to the list.


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