Weekly Playlist: Easy Like Sunday Morning


I’m not good at resting. Not even a little. I need to always be doing something – practicing my calligraphy, writing a blogpost, cleaning the apartment. I get restless and antsy when I try to slow down for long periods of time, and it usually ends with me going out just to walk or moving from my bedroom to the office so that I can get some sort of work done and feel like I’m being productive. Every once in a while though, I do enjoy a lazy day. The kind where you wake up late and enjoy how it feels to be in your bed as late morning sun wafts through the cracks in your blinds. The kind where you make pancakes and French press coffee and lie on the couch with a book for hours. The kind where you binge-watch something on Netflix and stay in comfy clothes all day and order Chinese take-out. Sometimes, those lazy days are much needed, and I savour every moment of them.

That’s where this playlist comes in – because a lazy day needs a perfect playlist, and I like the soft sounds and smooth melodies that come to mind when I think of staying in all day. These are the songs that accompany me on those rare occasions, the soundtrack that I play as I go through the motions of making breakfast and sitting down to read and looking out my bedroom window to admire the incredible view of downtown Toronto for fifteen minutes on end. These are the songs for freshly ground coffee, for my coziest sweater, for my hair up in a messy bun. They’re tracks that relax me instantly, that feel familiar and comfortable and put me at ease in an instant. Often, those are the best kind of songs, so I can’t see how a playlist full of them could be anything short of magical. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do.


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