Weekly Playlist – In The Golden Hour


The inspiration for this playlist came to me last Saturday at seven o’clock at night as I was riding the bus from Toronto back to my hometown. The vehicle sped down the Don Valley Parkway and I sat tucked into a window seat with my headphones placed snugly over my ears, trying desperately to choose the perfect songs to accompany me on my journey. The sky was burning bright orange and deep red, luscious paint strokes of watercolour blending seamlessly with the rich blue-black of the night and the dark grey of the clouds at dusk. It’s hard not to be inspired by something so strikingly beautiful, and in a rush of recollection I remembered how much I adore the track “Golden Hour” by Sam Roberts Band, and how perfect it would be for such a glorious time of night. Just like that, the idea of this playlist was born, and I had a great track to listen to for the rest of my commute.

Looking back, those golden hour moments are some of the best things I can remember. Just a few months ago I was lying alone in the grass on the south bank of the Thames on my last night in London, scribbling out my thoughts and snapping film photos of the sun setting on the water. Before that, I can transport myself to the first ever WayHome, the air turning cool around me as the sky darkened and Alt-J stalked onto the stage, beginning to play a dozen tracks that I’d been longing to hear live for three years. Heading years back, I remember summers spent at my grandparent’s cottage – bonfires on the beach, the cool sand between my toes, the enveloping warmth of the lake as we waded into its depths, the sun melting into the horizon like butter. Worlds exist in those quiet, dazzling moments as the lights go out and the world hushes and the sun fades into nothingness for another day, and these are a few of my favourite songs that capture that magic perfectly.


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