Little Boxer Release New EP ‘Volume IV’

Toronto-based rock band Little Boxer are set to release a new EP titled Volume IV, and they’re preceding its release with a two-part series of live off the floor videos shot at the city’s very own Studio 313. If the band’s previous releases are anything to go by, the newest EP is sure to be spectacular, and the videos only heighten the anticipation.

The Studio 313 Sessions see the band play a wide range of songs from their diverse catalogue, interspersed with conversations with the members and clips of their previous shows and funny antics. The videos show off the band’s insane talent by perfectly capturing their unique, intimate performances. The footage is interesting and captivating, and it could only make you like their music even more.

Little Boxer is a band that has interested me since seeing them play live this past February, and I’ve loved everything they’ve released since then. Their songs range from mellow and low-key to intense and commanding, and I think that diversity is what makes them so fascinating. Each track is raw and honest while still being extremely powerful, and that juxtaposition easily draws the listener into the band’s world.

So far, some of Little Boxer’s standout tracks include “Bare as Bones,” “Find Your Way,” and “Runaway,” but there’s something great about each song they’ve put out. The latter is more upbeat and catchy, while the first two are soft and slow. “Bare as Bones” has a steady rhythm that beats firmly throughout the track, while the vocals start off peacefully and build up in force with each chorus. “Find Your Way” is quiet and reassuring, and the band still packs a punch in such a simple song. The lyrics are sung with a kind of desperation, a need for answers and solutions. Finally, “Runaway” is relatable and sincere, and each chorus calls for smiling faces and loud, singing voices. Plus, the bridge is wonderful – and we all know I love a good bridge.

Volume IV is going to be another hell of an EP. Little Boxer do a wonderful job with each of their releases, and this one definitely won’t be any different. They’re on their way to becoming a staple in the Toronto music scene, and I’d recommend hopping on the bandwagon while you can still brag about being a fan before they hit it big.

Volume IV is released on October 28th via Dungus Records, and you can catch Little Boxer live on November 4th at The Cameron House.

Photo Credit: Gianfranc Pipitone 


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