Track Review: ‘I Don’t’ by Eadie

With a new year comes great new music, and Toronto-based musician Eadie was ahead of the curve with that one. The soulful singer released her newest track, ‘I Don’t,’ just a week before ringing in twenty-seventeen, and it’s the perfect song for the first pages of the next three hundred and sixty-five days.

Eadie’s vocals are clean and effortless, dripping with heart and soul and bearing all sorts of emotion. That complexity works well for her here, complementing the impeccable production beautifully and immediately pulling in the listener. Despite its simplicity and bare bones, the track is far more than interesting while still being the kind of thing you’d willingly listen to a thousand times over. Eadie’s output sounds more like that of a veteran soul singer than something released by a young adult who’s just getting off her feet, and that definitely makes ‘I Don’t’ feel like a remarkable creative effort.

Produced by Canadian music producer TreyR., ‘I Don’t’ is a perfect display of some of Toronto’s most impressive up-and-coming talent. The track is spectacular, but more than that it shows off the incredible things that musicians and creatives in this city are getting up to, and that’s one of my favourite things about being so entrenched in the Toronto music scene. Every layer of the song, from the enticing beat to the incredibly well-written words to the intricate melody is wondrous, and as a result, the track is too.

In all honesty, I think Eadie is definitely one to watch. With vocals reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and a style that seamlessly blends pop and soul, the musician is remarkably easy to love. Her lyrics are relatable and beautifully crafted, her songs are catchy and addictive, and she sounds like the cool girl next door who you’d just about die to be friends with. All of those pieces fit together to form a wonderfully gifted pop star in-the-making, and I am dying to see what she does next.


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