Track Review: ‘Make Me Cry’ by FLIIIS

I first introduced you all to FLIIIS a few months ago, and the duo is kicking off the new year by releasing a trio of glossy, glittery pop songs. The collection is polished and varied, and it truly shows off the immense potential of the group. With this release, FLIIIS pulls the listener completely into their world and shows us all what they have to offer – and their offerings are vast.

Title track ‘Make Me Cry’ is impressive. The lyrics fall effortlessly from the mouth of the lead singer and the backing beat envelopes you in a harsh wall of sound. It’s heavy at times, but it also shines like a beacon out of the dark. Its contrasts are what make it interesting and worthwhile, and it’s definitely something you should be listening to. With the nostalgia of eighties new wave and pop but the modern draw of a track by The 1975, it would be hard to stay away from this song.

‘Fuga’ is the bridge between worlds. A field recording of New York City bustles in the foreground while a spoken word poem hums subtly in the back. You can hardly make out all the words, but the times when you can hear something clearly feel like finding a treasure trove that was thought to be long lost. It’s reminiscent of the sixties beat poets of Greenwich Village or the fearless performances of Patti Smith, and it’s spectacular to hear a group going back to something that feels like its pushing boundaries.

‘Daze BLVD.’ closes the whole thing off, and I think it may be the most dazzling track out of the three. To be quite honest, I’m on a bit of a Ryan Gosling movie kick, and to hear a band draw from ‘Drive’ and create something beautiful and interesting out of a haunting, thrilling film is awesome. It would fit in seamlessly with the soundtrack, with the early hours of LA, with the flashy cars and silk jackets and neon lights. It samples scenes from the movie and you can hear conversations and cars peeling quickly away intermingled with slow, heart wrenching melodies and beautiful lyrics. The track feels masterful, and if this is what everything else by FLIIIS is going to sound like, I’d be all for it.

‘Make Me Cry’ is a near-perfect effort from a band that deserves a hell of a lot more recognition. The capsule of songs they’re about to release is nostalgic and yet still modern and current, it’s packed with emotion but it still lifts your spirits. I couldn’t recommend it more, and I can’t wait to hear what’s coming next from FLIIIS.


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